At Sulvaris, we develop proprietary technologies that transform industrial co-products into agronomically and environmentally friendly fertilizer products.

Micronized Sulphur Technology®

What is MST®?

Micronized Sulphur Technology (MST®) is a proprietary patented technology that micronizes sulphur to less than 10-micron average size, which is the smallest particle size economically produced on a commercial scale in the industry to date.


Traditional Elemental Sulphur Products

Average size: 960 µm

Range: 75-2000 µm

Competing Elemental Sulphur Products

Average size: 150 µm

Range: 50-200 µm

Micronized Sulphur Technology (MST®)

Average size: 1-7 µm

Range <1-12 µm

A Revolutionary Sulphur Solution

The transformative power of Sulvaris®’ Micronized Sulphur Technology MST® unlocks the nutritional value of elemental sulphur within the growing season, without the risk of the sulphate form of sulphur moving below the root zone of the crop, making it unavailable and a potential pollutant.

Addressing A Global Problem

The Critical Need for More Sulphur in Advanced Agriculture

Sulphur is essential for life on earth. As one of the fundamental “macronutrients,” including nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K), sulphur has a key role in crop development and growth.

A growing problem: Sulphur levels have been declining for years, severely limiting crop production in many parts of the world.

Why does advanced agriculture need more sulphur?

Increased Demand

Global grain and oilseed production is struggling to keep up with consumption, which has risen at an annualized rate of 2.2 percent over the past decade.

Reduced Emissions

Global industry has cut SO2, “greenhouse gas” emissions to reduce acid rain. While this is environmentally positive overall, it has also reduced regionally concentrated supplies of PNS.

High-analysis N, P and K

more growers are switching to sources with little or no sulphur– like urea of MAP. Because of this, less plant nutrient sulphur (PNS) is being applied through macronutrient sources.

Hybrid Requirements

Today’s high-performance seed hybrids require significantly more PNS, and they need it throughout the season to maximize yield potentials.

Sulphur available during the growing season

MST® Superior Performance VS Competition